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Timber / Wood Logs
RPI International (USA), a key supplier of hard woods from forests of South and Central America. The different species woods weights from 750 kg per cubic meter to 950 kg per cubic meters.
We can supply species like: Basralocous , Kabukali , Tatabu, Tonka Bean, Kopie, Greenheart, Purpleheart, Rosewood, Snakewood, Darina, Sali, Mora, Brownheart, Cedar, Karapa, Teak, Shibadan, Washiba.

Usage: Different species of above woods are used in Heavy construction, navel construction, boat building, ship building,flooring,outdoor furniture , turnery, cabinet work, veneer, heavy carpentry, hydraulic works, bridge decking, decorative fittings, tool handles , transmission poles etc.
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